The Mission Objective Enter the Praedyth's Door in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Retrace Praedyth's steps.”

“Enter Praedyth's Door” is an objective in the mission Paradox Daily Heroic in Destiny: The Taken King


Head out of the room that had the memory. There are now platforms that you can use to reach the now open door in distance. Each platform seems to linger a second after it has disappeared. You must immediately jump from it else you will fall.

Enter the Praedyth's Door - Paradox Daily Heroic

Look below the ledge you are on, to the right to find the first platform. Jump over to it, turn to the left quickly and jump onto the next platform. Cross over to the far side of it and then bear left. You will see the third platform appear shortly. From there, you can jump onto the stone in the middle of the puzzle.

Enter the Praedyth's Door - Paradox Daily Heroic

Now, cross the final platforms and over to the Vex Gate. Enter it to reach the final part of the room.