The Mission Objective Explore the Dreadnaught in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Searcht he Dreadnaught to locate and disable the power source for the weapon that destroyed Eris's ship.”

“Explore the Dreadnaught” is an objective in the mission The Dreadnaught in Destiny: The Taken King


Head forward and then turn to the left. There are no enemies, presently, in the Trenchway. Use this time to just take in the sight of the Dreadnaught itself. As you explore the area, look toward the right. You will see an orb of light that will try to get your attention then vanish around the corner, into the interior of the Dreadnaught. Look for the illuminated doorway that leads inward if you miss the Orb. Head on through it. Go toward the light you see ahead of you.

Explore the Dreadnaught - The Dreadnaught