Dreg in Destiny.

“Dreg” are a rank of Fallen.

These are the lowest of the Fallen. The thieves and ne'er-do-wells within their race. They have shown no honor and have had their second set of arms amputated. Only by proving themselves as survivors and honorable on the field can they be allowed to ascend in rank. No one is safe from being demoted in rank. If a Captain were to lose his command in battle, it is very possible he will be stripped of his rank and demote to Dreg.


Archon Servant


Shock Blade, Pistols


These are the cannon fodder of the Fallen Ranks. They show minimal to no disciple on the field. Expect to hear these Fallen hiss and chatter as a Guardian draws near them.

What they lack in tactics they tend to make up in numbers. They rely on swarm tactics to take down their foes. It is very important to avoid getting surrounded by them.

Can be killed by a single melee strike.