The Mission Objective Find Crota's Tomb in Destiny: The Taken King.

“You have the crystal. Use it to capture Crota's soul.”

“Find Crota's Tomb” is an objective in the mission Last Rites in Destiny: The Taken King


Find the ceremony - Last Rites

Look around and find the exit. Remember this area for later. As you leaving, in the hallway, look to the left and note the big stone slab. Ghost can scan it and you can get some commentary from him.

Find Crota's Tomb - Last Rites

Head outside again and you can see the ritual you are looking for ahead of you. Go forward and up the stairs in front of you. Turn to the left or right. On either side you will need to avoid a Wizard that is patrolling the area. Just head to the ritual after that.

Find Crota's Tomb - Last Rites

Head over to the stone coffin between the Death Singers. Move into the smoke emitting from the stone. You will see a prompt to drain Crota's Essence. That is when things go wrong.