The Mission Objective Find the First Memory in Destiny: The Taken King.


“Find the First Memory” is an objective in the mission Paradox Daily Heroic in Destiny: The Taken King


The door to the Vault of Glass has opened for you. It is time to head inside this cavern and start your search for the lost Guardian. Head down the slope. You will find more Vex as you transverse the area. When you reach The Trial of Kabr you will find malfunctioning Vex and start getting another transmission from Praedyth. They can and will still shoot you given enough time. Destroy them en route.

Explore the Vault - Paradox

From the first malfunctioning Vex, turn to the left and follow the slope downward. There are a few more malfunctioning Vex. Deal with them and continue downward through the Trial of Kabr. When you get to this ledge, stop.

Find the First Memory - Paradox Daily Heroic

Go to edge and turn around. You need to fall now to reach the next part. As you fall, you will spot a ledge just below where you were. Immediately (as a Warlock or Titan) is use Glide/Lift to reach the ledge below. Hunters need to fall a bit more and then use their High Jump or Triple Jump.

Find the First Memory - Paradox Daily Heroic

Head down through the first and keep to the right. Go around the corner and then the second one.

Find the First Memory - Paradox Daily Heroic

This brings you around to the first Ghost.

Find the First Memory - Paradox Daily Heroic

You walk right over it getting to this section. Now you need to get out of this area. You cannot backtrack so you need to go forward.