The Hive Relic Blade in Destiny.

“Be careful, this sword's power is dark.”

The Hive Relic Blade can be acquired after interrupting the Hive Ritual.


Xbox/PS Combo
RB/R1 Quick Attack
RT/R2 Hard Attack
RB, RT/R1, R1 2-Hit Quick Combo
RB, RB, RB/R1, R1, R1 3-Hit Quick Combo
RB, RT/R1, R2 2-Hit Heavy Combo
RB, RB, RT/R1, R1, R2 3-Hit Heavy Combo
RB, RT/R1, R2 Midair 2-Hit Air Combo
RB, RB, RT/R1, R1, R2 Uppercut
RB & RT/R1 & R2 Super


Shockwave - The Guardian hops in the air then comes down with tremendous force. This sends a shockwave rippling forward along the ground, destroying everything in its path.

This Super can be performed in the air as well. The Guardian will come down where they are with a massive amount of force.