The Mission Objective Hunt the Taken in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Clear out the Taken infestation int he tunnels underneath the Cosmodrome.”

“Hunt the Taken” is an objective in the mission Blighted Coven in Destiny: The Taken King


Hunt the Taken - Blighted Coven

Head to the main building and down to the lower level. be careful because on the sub level you have a Taken Captain waiting in ambush. Defeat them and any Shadow Thralls that come after you.

Hunt the Taken - Blighted Coven

Make your way down deeper into the building. Head over to the right when you make it to the basement level. Clear out the Taken in this room just to make things easier. After that, head into the hole in the wall and start down toward the sewers.

Hunt the Taken - Blighted Coven

Going into the sewers you will find a number of Consumed Vandals. Be careful, on higher difficulty you have a Consumed Captain as well.

With most of the Taken defeated, head down the stairs. This leads down to the water way of the sewer. Clear out the Taken and then move over to the right. Follow the water way forward and through the hole in the wall. Clear those Taken out of there and turn to the left.

Hunt the Taken - Blighted Coven

Go through the doorway in front of you. Head straight into the room. You have to head to the back, where the marker is. This will trigger a Taken Captain. Clear them and the other Taken. Defeat them to trigger the next part of the mission.