The Mission Objective Investigate the Base in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Search the base to assess the threat.”

“Investigate the Base” is an objective in the mission The Coming War in Destiny: The Taken King


Head through the corridor ahead of you. Go to the left and down the illuminated corridor in front of you. Head through the next room into next illuminated corridor. You will come across something clinging to the dead Cabal in the corridor.

Investigate the Base - The Coming War

Watch straight ahead of you because an elevator will come crashing down. In it is a trapped Cabal member. They will scramble and try to escape. To no avail. Continue on forward into the next empty room. Go to the next doorway to the left of the empty elevator shaft. Follow the corridor as it winds its way up and around.

Investigate the Base - The Coming War

At the top, look to the left. You will see the next illuminated corridor. Head into it and you will see a Cabal get pulled out of this reality. Just continue forward. You will come to a large empty room. Eris Morn will come on the radio and announce: "He is here!" It is time to get your first glimpse of Oryx.

Investigate the Base - The Coming War