The Mission Objective Kill the Acolytes in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Malok is near. Destroy the Taken Acoyltes to summon him..”

“Kill the Acolytes” is an objective in the mission The Blighted Chalice in Destiny: The Taken King


In front of the Shrine itself, you have one last task before you can confront Malok. There is a pack of Taken Acolytes which are channeling the power into the Shrine. You need to destroy them. This will draw out Malok and start the boss battle of this strike.

Kill the Acolytes - The Blighted Chalice

Keep the team together and coordinate at least a little. Sweep around the Shrine and take out the Acolytes as you do. This will keep the team together and help ensure you will have no trouble getting through this section.

Kill the Acolytes - The Blighted Chalice