The Mission Objective Restore Power in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Restore power to the forge.”

“Restore Power” is an objective in the mission Bound By Fire in Destiny: The Taken King


Start heading forward through the passage just in front of you. Take out the Vex that are resting nearby the entrance. They are just appearing to be inactive. As soon as you pass by them, they will activate. They do not pose much immediate threat, but there is some. If you just run inside, they will not catch up with you until you ignite the beam you need to light the forge. There are at least 2 other pairs in additional to the first by the entrance. It helps a lot to clear out the Goblins before you attempt to ignite the forge.

Go over to the marked pillar and Deploy Ghost. This will complete the first part of the set up.

A March of Fire[edit]

Bound by Fire[edit]