The Quest Step SRL Class S License in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

“There are legends in the SRL. Marcus Ren, Cron-8, Tyla Sola - racers who are so skilled and so fearless that they stand apart from the pack. Now you've made your mark on the track, Guardian.” - Amanda Holliday

“Class S License” is a Step in the Quest Sparrow Racing in Destiny: SRL


You need to finish 3 races in first place. This can be very tricky to manage. It will go to a mix of luck and skill. Just run through the courses and practice. You will need to hit virtually every gate on a track, taking as optimal a route as you can. This varies greatly depending on which track it is that you are racing.

You will also need to complete 3 races without losing your sparrow during the race. This can also be a measure of luck depending on the course and the route taken.

Quest Steps[edit]