The Mission Objective Scout Skirmish in Destiny: The Taken King.

“The intelligence beacon has highlighted a skirming between the Hive and Cabal.”

“Scout Skirmish” is an objective in the mission Dread Patrol in Destiny: The Taken King


Turn and look toward the breach in the Dreadnaught. You will see the marker for the scouting mission high up on the wall. Go over to the base of it. You will need to climb up using the various parts of the wall. Head to the back side of it and start jumping up it, carefully. Look upwards.

Scout Skirmish - Dread Patrol

Use the left-hand side of this destroyed wall to have an easier time ascending it. Be sure that there not some ceiling above you and then make your way upwards. Once at the top, just watch out for the odd stray shot. The Knights may fire on you, so be warned about it.

Scout Skirmish - Dread Patrol

When you are up there, head over to the right. You will find Calcified Fragment VIII.