The Mission Objective Search for the signal in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Get inside the Cabal ship to search for the singal.”

“Search for the signal” is an objective in the mission Outbound Signal in Destiny: The Taken King


Head for the Cabal ship that has crashed in the Dreadnaught. You land in the same place that you do for Dreadnaught patrols. This makes for a short run. Fight your way through the Hive and Cabal in front of the ship to enter it. In front of the ship you will encounter Fleet Legionaries and Fleet Phalanx. Ignore them and head directly inside the ship.

Once inside the ship, head to the back and then to the left. Follow the hallway forward into the Dantalion Exodus VI. Head through the door leading into the ship proper. Immediately run straight across into the opposite door. You will get your next objective shortly.