The Mission Objective Shut down the power in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Disrupt Arc energy and shut down the power flow.”

“Shut down the power” is an objective in the mission Fallen SABER (Epic) in Destiny: The Taken King


Shut down the power - Fallen SABER Epic

Head down the hallway in front of you. This will lead to a split corridor. You will find a number of Fallen scattered in it.

Shut down the power - Fallen SABER Epic

Claer out what Fallen you can. After that, some of the Fireteam needs to head down the corridor. Time your movements carefully. There are regular Arc Bolts coursing the length of the hallway. They do heavy damage to anything in their way. Be wary of the safe spots on either side of the hallway. Exploder Shanks can get you without much warning.

Shut down the power - Fallen SABER Epic

Whoever carries the Orb from the end of the hallway to its slot must be very careful. They are slowed because of the orb. Advance one safe area at a time. Bring it to the far end of the corridor and place the orb to stop the flow of Arc energy and open up the next part of the strike.