The Mission Objective Stay Alive - Last Rites in Destiny: The Taken King.

“Survive the Taken onslaught long enough to escape Crota's realm.”

“Stay Alive” is an objective in the mission Last Rites in Destiny: The Taken King


This, while it sounds timed, it is actually about getting through as many Taken as you can. Immediately, you have a wave of Taken Thralls you need to get through.

Stay Alive - Last Rites

Head over to the far side. This puts some good space betwene you and the taken. Use it to thin them out. The most important thing here is just to survive the encounter.

You can hide in the entryway hallway or in the towers on either side of the arena. Neither of these are perfectly safe but they do offer a lot of cover for you to take advantage of.

You will find a number of Taken Hobgoblins protecting this area. They will normally be sniping you. Take them out but be careful of the orbs they release at you or get released when you kill them. You also will need to protect yourself from Taken Minotaurs. These things are cloaked whenever they have their shield. They retain their weaponry and their teleport as well. That will get you through the first wave or two.

After that, you will start to see Taken Psions. As always, prioritize these and immediately go after them. Cut them down quickly to avoid their multiplying out of control. They are backed up a number of Taken Thralls and at least one Taken Minotaur. Clear them out. This marks the final stretch of the fight. You need to survive a number more Minotaurs coming in after you yet. When you see Ta'aun, Hand of Oryx, the battle has reached its conclusion.

The battle will keep going regardless of what you do. You must wait to hear from Eris Morn again. She will invoke a Hive power and it will pull you out of Crota's realm and back to yours. it is a long invocation. You must survive for the whole thing and be alive when she teleports you out.