The Quest Step The Extermination in Destiny: The Dark Below.

"Crota's soul may be defeated, but his armies remain. See to their extermination." - Eris


"Crota's soul sleeps again, but his disciples still fight in his name."


"You don't fear the shadows. Maybe there is hope for the Light."




This is a strange "Quest Step". You need to kill 25 Knights and/or Wizards. It is more like a bounty than a full mission.

It helps to run the Strike: The Summoning Pits. Just go through this strike once should yield all the needed kills.

You can also start and run Siege of the Warmind. Completing that (or struggling through it) will get you most to all the kills in a run or two.


+50 Crotas Bane Reputation

Next Mission[edit]

Disciples of Crota

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