The Quest Step, A Map Asunder in Destiny 2:Season of Opulence.

A Map Asunder is part of Truth in Destiny 2: Season of Opulence.


"To your dismay, the chest did not contain a complete map. Instead, you have a fragment of a larger whole, along with a cryptic note. Whoever hid this Rocket Launcher took great pains to keep it safe."

  • Clues

"translucent, soft-shelled hatchling of my heart prove you are wise enough to bear my truth."

"truesighted, scour the other chests."

"you will find one near the cistern on the centaur."

"one by hunting a child of darkness in the tangled jetsam."

"and one by fighting alongside the chosen as night falls."


  • There are 4 map fragments that need to be collected throughout the area.
  • Each is earned by completing a particular task.

truesighted, scour the other chests.[edit]

  • For this objective, you need to make your way to one of the hidden Ascendant Chests that are scattered throughout the Dreaming City.
  • Make your way to any of the chests in the Mists and open it to get a Map Fragment.

you will find one near the cistern on the centaur.[edit]

  • Travel to Nessus and go to the landing zone in the Cistern.
  • Summon the sparrow and travel toward the Well of Flame.
  • Go over to the Western side of the Well and activate a Tincture of Queensfoil.
  • Look along the shore of the radiolorian fluid to find an Ascendant Platform.
  • On it, turn to the left and jump over to the next platform that is just at the edge of your view.
  • Go to the end of this platform and turn to the right to find the next narrow platform.
  • Jump on it and reach its end.
  • Turn to the left and high jump to the next platform.
  • Look left on the top of this tall platform to see a large circular platform.
  • Jump onto the platform and go to its center to find a chest and another map fragment.

one by hunting a child of darkness in the tangled jetsam.[edit]

  • Your next destination is the Tangled Shore, where you will need to head to the Jetsam of Saturn.
  • You will be heading into the boss chamber where you fought the Mindbender, the Hall of the Exalted.
  • This means going into the remains of the Hive ship that rests at one end of the Jetsam of Saturn.
  • Weave your way on through to reach the final chamber.
  • Here, you will encounter a Hungering Ogre protected by a Shrieker.
  • Defeat the Ogre to claim the mag fragment for the quest.

and one by fighting alongside the chosen as night falls.[edit]

  • Complete a Nightfall, any of them, no modifiers needed
  • But the Power Handicap of 100 is suggested while using a Rocket Launcher.
  • This is a good time to work on the Map Fragment that calls for clearing the Nightfalls and getting the Rocket Launcher kills.

Quest Steps[edit]