The Quest Step, A Message of Solidarity in Destiny 2:Season of the Drifter.

A Message of Solidarity is part of Vanguard Allegiance in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter.


"Aunor is one of the Hidden, a covert group of Guardians who gather sensitive intelligence. You've heard rumors that they've embedded on just about every active Vanguard front, including the Tower. With your message in hand, you begin to look around, hoping to find one of them. Maybe they can get your message to Aunor."

"Find the Hidden Agent in the Tower Hangar to drop off your message."


  • With the missive acquired by declaring your intelligence with the Vanguard.
  • Make your way from the Annex to the Hangar.
  • Inside the Hangar, head to the soccer field found on the far side of the Hangar.
  • Look behind the large pile next to the stairs leading up to the second level around the middle of the Hangar.
  • Approach and talk with the mechanic who is standing behind the stairs.
  • They will collect the missive and give you Message from Aunor VI.

Quest Steps[edit]