The Objective, “Accept Calus's Gift” in Destiny 2.

Accept Calus's Gift is an Objective in the Raid Spire of Stars in Destiny 2.




  • For this encounter within the raid, the Fireteam will need to split between the 4 platforms by the braziers, 1 Guardian to each Brazier, and 2 floating to deal with adds.
  • The Floaters will be working with the Plateholders to manage the adds that are coming in from the sides of the areas.
  • 1 Floater should be toward the ledge and 1 should be toward the entrance to this area.
  • If any particular Guardian is struggling, a Floating Guardian should be reinforcing them!

Plate Holders[edit]

  • Each of the plateholders will need to go to one of the plates, and will be in charge of that area around it.
  • They need to have line of sight to the Guardian with the "Charge" who will be throwing it to them.
  • Clear communication will be key here to establish the order and get the "Charge" passed around appropriately.
  • Plate Holders will need to worry about 2 debuffs: Greed and Engulfed.
  • Both of these debuffs can kill the Guardian.
  • Greed will kill the Guardian if it reaches 10 stacks.
  • Greed accumulates while the Guardian has the "Charge" and is standing on the Plate.
  • Smoke will kill the Guardian if they do not receive the "Charge before the timer runs out.
  • If the Guardian is not presently dealing with the "Charge", they should be clearing the adds that are coming in.

  • Plate Holders will also need to watch their brazier, to avoid it going yellow.
  • The Guardian with the Red Brazier is the one the current "Charge" Holder will want to pass it to.

Clearing the Encounter[edit]

  • In the middle of the arena, there is a fountain that will be spitting out charges, the "Charge."
  • This "Charge" will need to be passed to a Guardian on a Plate.
  • Specifically, it will need to go to the Guardian by the Plate with the Red Brazier.
  • A number of "Charges" will need to go around the arena and into the central Flame.
  • ONLY throw the "Charge" into the central Brazier when you see the "Shield Lower" message appear in the bottom left.
  • This needs to be completed 3 times on Normal Difficulty to complete.


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