The Objective, “Access the map” in Destiny 2.

Access the map is an Objective in the Story Deep Storage in Destiny 2.


Activate the conflux.


  • To activate the conflux in the depths of the Pyramidion, you will need to do a total of 3 things.
  • On each side is a red Vex Circle, step into it.
  • Activating each one will send a number of Fanatics after you.
  • Activating the second one will bring several waves of Fanatics and some Finalizers.
  • The seal around the cube will fade after you have dealt with all of the Fanatics and the Finalizers.
  • Make your way toward the intelligence cube above you.
  • Shoot it to break the seal and reveal the conflux you are after.
  • Go to the Conflux and interact with it to complete the story mission.


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