The Objective, “Advance and Clear out the Scorn” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Advance and Clear out the Scorn is an Objective in High Plains Blues in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Secure all four sections of Thieves' Landing so you can enter the Spider's Bunker without leading any of the Scorn to the hidden entrance.


  • The Guardian will now need to clear out the 4 sections of this area of Thieves' Landing.
  • As they arrive, you will see a Fallen Walker get blown up, so it is time to begin fighting.
  • Start with the Scorned just in front of you, the Stalkers and Raiders.
  • Talking out the first wave will cause more to appear on the rooftop of the building across from where you entered the area.
  • Rush toward the stairs and over to the group to start fighting them.
  • They will also be advancing on you as well, so engage them where you clash.
  • A third wave will appear nearby and to the right of the building, continuing to be a number of Stalkers and Raiders.
  • This will complete the first area.

  • The second area covered in the video is to the right of the first building, being a large structure with a number of servitors around it.
  • In this area you will find Spider's Servitor.
  • Be wary that there will be Pikes coming through the area.
  • First through the Stalkers and Raiders.
  • A second wave of Scorn will appear in front of you, with more Ravager.
  • The third wave will have more of the same, plus some Chieftains.
  • Clear out these Scorn in this area.

  • The third area is just in front of a short walkway.
  • Continue on forward, around the corner to enter into the next fray.
  • You will encounter a number of Raider, Stalker.
  • You will also encounter a few Chieftains.
  • Clear out the remaining enemies, there is one section left.
  • The fourth and final area is found to the back left, across from where the third area is.
  • Remember, you do have the aid of Spider's Associates in this section.
  • Clear out the Scorn on the Walkway then turn your attention toward the nearby large building.
  • There are Scorned emerging and attacking from the building.
  • Clear them out to trigger the next wave.
  • You will be fighting a number of Raider.
  • Toward the end of the final wave, you will encounter a Fanatic's Chosen, the boss of the section.
  • Defeat them, using cover and be sure to destroy the totems that the Fanatic's Chosen.


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