The Quest Step, An Imperial Summons in Destiny 2.

An Imperial Summons is a quest step in Destiny 2.

Part of the Imperial Invitation Quest.


Ghost informs you that he's being spammed, non-stop, with messages from a malfunctioning maintenance frame somewhere in the Tower. "It just keeps saying 'He summons' over and over," he says. "Let's see if we can find it."

As Benedict's core processes seem to hitch and jitter, a commanding presence overtakes the poor frame. A different voice booms through Benedict's speakers.

Emperor Calus, the hedonistic rule of the Leviathan, has been watching you for some time. He invites you to Nessus, offering riches

Nothing suspicious about that!


  • Benedict 99-40 visited.


  • Travel to the Annex, going to its landing zone for the easiest time.
  • Go forward, jumping the railing just in front of you.
  • Once there, go down the hallway in front of you, to the left of the stairs upwards and out of the Annex landing zone.
  • Head into the back of this area to find a small maintenance room.
  • In here, you will find Benedict 99-40.
  • Approach and talk with the Frame to begin the quest properly.

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