The collectible Ancient Skulls during Bungie 30th Anniversary.

The collectible Ancient Skulls during Bungie 30th Anniversary.


  • Launch into Xur's Treasure Hoard to begin searching for the skulls.

Skull 1[edit]

  • Once you land within Xur's Dominion, turn to the right and head through the open circular archway.
  • Go directly over to the waving window.
  • Stand in front of this window to be brought to the Valley of Eternity.
  • Just on the other side, look at the ramp that you start on.
  • Just in front of you is the Ancient Skull.

Skull 2[edit]

  • From the arena area, head over to the left, to the watery section.
  • Look for the down-angled ramp and look for the icy waters there.
  • From the ramp, jump over the icy rocks and look at the icy ground to find the Ancient Skull on the other side.
  • Collect the skull from the snow.

Skull 3[edit]

  • Go along the left-hand side of the arena in The Valley, you can find a set of downward ramps.
  • Between the 2 ramps you will see a white rock jutting out over the area between them.
  • Look at the ground underneath the rock to find the skull.

Skull 4[edit]

  • From the ramps on the left of the Valley's Arena, back up and jump up onto the rock above.
  • Look to the gold-lined outcropping toward the back of the area.
  • Run and jump over to the outcropping.
  • Here, you will find the skull on the ground toward the edge.

Skull 5[edit]

  • From Skull 4, on top of the white rock on the left-hand side of the arena, look to the back of the Arena.
  • Run and jump up onto the next outcropping with gold trim.
  • From this one, jump onto the nearby stone pillar to find the next skull.

Skull 6[edit]

  • Time to move onto the right-hand side of the starting arena of the Valley.
  • Look to the area between the piles of rocks on the right-hand side.
  • Toward the top of the slope you will find the skull.

Skull 7[edit]

  • Go toward the back of the arena.
  • Look to the one raised section against the back left-hand wall here in front of the floating bronze pillars.
  • Sitting on the lip of the raised section to find the skull.