The Quest, Anything That Moves: in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn.

Anything That Moves is a quest in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep during the Season of Dawn.


"I hope you're not afraid to get up close and personal out there, Guardian." - Zavala


  • Complete the following objectives in the Strike playlists to receive the Sidearm Buzzard
    • Final Blows with Sidearm: 1500
  • Kill everything with Sidearms
  • Use whatever you want on bosses until you reach the final stretch of their health then change to a sidearm for the finishing blow.
    • Airborne Sidearm Final Blows: 50
  • Get kills while mid-air during a jump or a fall
    • Points: 4500
  • Earned by completing strikes and getting kills

Turning in[edit]

  • Having gotten the kills and earned the points, simply return to Zavala in the Tower.

Getting the kills[edit]

  • Loading up the Nightfall strikes without Matchmaking in the EDZ or on Mercury (and visiting the Lost Sectors to enter and re-enter) are great ways to quickly farm the needed kills in 20 minutes or 2 hours.
  • Avoid the Nightfall content itself and focus on simply farming the enemies outside.
  • This can also work for the Dreaming City by traveling to the Blind Well.
  • Use a pair of sidearms in the kinetic and Energy slots to make this easier to achieve (and have more sidearm ammo)
  • Having the scavenger for Sidearms will help ensure an abundance of ammo, not that it is a concern to begin with.

Additional Notes[edit]

  • The end reward of the quest is Buzzard