The Objective, “Approach, Children...” in Destiny 2.

Approach, Children... is an Objective in the Raid Vow of the Disciple in Destiny 2.




  • Entering the raid, within the Miasma within Savathun's Throne World, you will find a massive entrance in front of you with a Projection of Savathun hovering in front of it.
  • The Fireteam needs to begin by approaching and defeating the Projection of Savathun.
  • While approaching and defeating this Projection, Mara Sov does give a warning about what is to come.
  • After you destroy the projection, the doors will open, allowing access into the area proper.
  • Summon your Sparrow and start boosting your way through the ravine you are in.
  • This will bring you through to the Disciple's Bog.
  • When the area opens up, keep to the right-hand area, not straying far from the nearby right-hand side.
  • Just past the trees in front of you, staying on this ride, you will see a black wall with an break in it.
  • Head through the opening.
  • There is a vehicle through the opening, so dismount your Sparrow and approach it.

Arena 1[edit]

  • This vehicle is a version of the Darkness Shard that you will need to defend from the incoming enemies.
  • Once approached, if you stray too far from it for too long, you will start getting stacks of Pervading Darkness.
    • There will be a quick message, Drown in the deep....
  • From both sides, you will have a large wave of Scorn coming through and attacking your Fireteam.
  • You will encounter Ravagers, Raider, and the variant: Knowledge Bearer
  • You will need to defeat the Knowledge Bearers that appear to progress, the others help control the incoming damage.
    • Clearing the initial assault will give the message, Rise from the deep...
  • At this point, a number of Shards will appear around the arena you were just fighting in.
  • The fireteam needs to spread out and collect the Shards to get one of following buffs:
  1. 1)Heightened Knowledge 2) Brimming Knowledge 3) Overflowing Knowledge
  • You cannot go above Overflowing Knowledge during this collection phase, so you will need to return to the vehicle and deposit your stacks before collecting more.
  • Once the vehicle has been "fueled," (and the area deemed clear) it will start moving.
  • This first portion of movement will be challenging you.
  • You will be facing: Corrupted Chieftains, as well as a lot of Corrupted Skreebs, with Raiders on the ledge above you.
  • After a short ride, you will be in the next arena where you will need to face off against more Scorned.

Arena 2[edit]

    • The encounter starts when you see the message, Drown in the deep...
  • Once again, you will need to search around to find and defeat Knowledge Bearers.
  • Thin out the Scorn that are around.
  • Get the Knowledge as needed and get the Vehicle moving again.
  • It will go forward and float underneath a bridge.
  • This will lead you on through to a ravine with a number of large columns in front of you.

Arena 3[edit]

  • The vehicle will stop among the columns for this Arena battle.
  • Once again, find and kill the Knowledge Bearers to get the buffs.
  • Once the vehicle is empowered, it will start move again.
  • The enemy variety doesn't change.
  • When the vehicle starts moving again, turning to the right, look to the walls toward the trees in this section.
  • More Ravagers will appear far from you and come charging in.
  • When the vehicle moves again, it will head into an open hallway with a door at the end.
  • Fight on through the hallway and get through the doorway at the end of it.

Arena 4[edit]

    • The encounter starts when you see the message, Drown in the deep...
  • Once again, look for the Knowledge Bearers to defeat them and collect the Knowledge Buffs.
  • One will appear in front of the vehicle, against the far wall
  • Another Knowledge Bearer will appear to the left of the vehicle and the last Knowledge Bearer to the right.
  • Clearing the Knowledge Bearers and their supporting Scorn, the vehicle will start to move again.
  • Of course, more Scorn will appear as you start to move.
  • Clear them out as needed to keep alive.
  • The Vehicle will go forward and ascend over the wall in front.
  • On the far side of the wall, it will descend back to ground level slowly.

Arena 5[edit]

    • The encounter starts when you see the message, Drown in the deep...
  • Getting close to the ground, it is time for another fight with more Knowledge Bearers and their Scorn support.
  • 1 Knowledge Bearer appears in front of the path leading toward the Pyramid.
  • The second one appears over to the right, from beyond the altar and close to the nearby buildings.
  • The third one appears close to the vehicle, a bit behind the nearby pillars to the right.
  • Once you get the vehicle moving again, more Scorn will appear on the altar and in the water just to the left of the pillars there.
  • Some Corrupted Screebs will come over the stairs leading toward the Pyramid.
  • Be ready for them and quickly defeat them.
  • There are Sniper Scorn on the rooftops on the left and right
  • There are more Stalkers and Raiders coming up from the stairs in front of you and to the right of the vehicle's path.
  • Ride the vehicle until it goes down the stairs.

Arena 6[edit]

    • The encounter starts when you see the message, Drown in the deep...
  • The pyramid is getting close but there is this arena fight to deal with.
  • Immediately watch for the glow that shows where the Scorned are coming in.
  • Clear the initial Scorn to have the Knowledge Bearers to start appearing.
  • One will be between the vehicle and the entrance of the Pyramid.
  • One will appear to the left, between the building and the tree, close to the tableau
  • The third one will be coming from the tableau, walking toward the vehicle.
  • Clear them out and collect the shards to revitalize the vehicle again.
  • Ride it along, watching the rise on your right, since there are more Scorn to materialize there and in front of your vehicle.
  • The vehicle will fly into a black opening, pushing you off (with a risk of getting crushed).

Entering the Pyramid[edit]

  • After getting off the vehicle, run up the stairs on either side toward the back wall, where you can see the area illuminated.
  • Go on up the stairs and approach the door.
  • It can take a moment, but then it will open, giving you access to the Pyramid itself.