Argos, Planetary Core in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.

“Argos, Planetary Core” are a type of Vex.


  • The basic mechanic of using the Vex Craniums, and powering them up remains the same.
  • This will be how you take down the Boss's shield and lead into a damage phase.
  • The teams need to stay in the pairs that they are in already.
  • Instead of crystals, it will be large motes of energy that have to be hit by the same type of energy.
  • There will be a total of 3 Motes (Orbs) that need to be destroyed using a Charged Vex Cranium.
  • Someone needs to be watching these Orbs and call out their location and typing.
  • Whatever section has the Orbs, there is a large number of Harpies that you will need to fight through (or manage).
  • To get to the damage phase, at least 3 Vex Craniums are needed to bring down the shield.
  • The remaining 3 need to go into the appropriate section to charge up to use on the Boss because they do very substantial damage.
  • Use the Beam to force the Orb along its path.
  • To bring down the shield, all 3 orbs need to collide.
  • Once they collide, the shield on that side will come down, exposing the boss.
  • This will grant the Fireteam the buff, Unstable Energy Boost, significantly increasing the damage they are doing.
  • With this buff, the damage phase begins, but it is not as simple as just fire on the boss.

  • Argos has an attack it will use while exposed, a Prism Beam.
  • It will Detain any Guardians that get hit by it.
  • The rest of the team will need to break the prison around that guardian before they float away into the void and die.
  • To avoid the worst of this, the fireteam will need to be a bit more spread out to avoid multiple guardians being hit by the Prism beam.

  • After the damage phase, there is one more thing you must be alert for.
  • Failing this will result in a Fireteam wipe.
  • Watch for the notice of Void readings spike.
  • Argos will drop its shield and extend its arms outward.
  • Platforms will materialize around Argos that the Guardians can rush onto.
  • You will get the notice Void energy rips the air as its arms begin their charging sequence.
  • For this part, the Guardians want to be using something that does continuous damage, like the Coldheart or Auto Rifles.
  • Be sure that you are seeing critical damage against these locations, aiming for the red glowing portions.
  • If you are not seeing this, you are hitting the wrong part and need to check what you are aiming at.
  • Each time, you will need to move to a different location to stop the wipe mechanic.
  • The second time, it is recommended to climb to the top and aim for the vents on top of Argos's head.
  • The third time, you will need to aim for the critical spots found on Argos's back.
  • You must kill it during the fourth damage phase to avoid getting wiping because you will no longer be able to stun it.

  • When Argos is defeated, the fireteam will begin to float.
  • Orange and fiery tendrils of energy will whip about as they float.
  • You will be pulled into the final treasure room of the Leviathan Raid itself.
  • Approach the chest and claim your rewards.

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