Aspect of Influence is a Quest in Beyond Light. (Destiny2BeyondLight)

Aspect of Influence is a Quest in Beyond Light.


Darkness Investigated[edit]

Investigate the appearance of Entropic Shards in the Well of Infinitude

Heroic Exo Challenge[edit]

"The Vex attempted to claim the Darkness you needed, and as expected, failed in the face of your might." "Now that it's in your hands, it must be used to uncover further Stasis research done by Clovis. It appears he hid this research within his most treacherous Exo challenges." - the Exo Stranger.

  • Complete a Heroic Exo Challenge.
  • These are brutal at first, but you can learn to solo them with some effort.
  • Most than anything, remember about cover and bring a loadout that has healing aspects to it.

Visit the Ziggurat[edit]

"Recovering Clovis's research from the Exo Challenge was a success. Now that we have it, we must return to the Ziggurat and commune once more with the Darkness. You know what to do, Guardian" - the Exo Stranger.

  • Return to the Beyond.
  • Head for the large Ziggurat along its edge and head inside to commune.

Additional Notes[edit]

Having completed this quest once, most of it will be done on subsequent replays on different characters.

  • Getting the quest simply requires visiting the Ziggurat to commune with the Darkness to unlock the Aspect.


Next Quest[edit]