The Objective, “Assault the Barons' hideout” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Assault the Barons' hideout is an Objective in Scorned in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


Follow Spider's coordinates to the Scorn hideout, and destroy the Barons who murdered Cyade-6.


  • Turn to the nearby corridor that is across from you with the marker.
  • Just outside the corridor is the Machinist.
  • Move in and begin attacking them.
  • You will only be able to do a little damage before they vanish into the hideout itself.
  • Assault them and start moving in toward where the Machinist was.
  • Go into that area, killing off the Raiders who are in the area between you and the corridor.
  • Head on through the corridor and go further in.
  • Drop off the nearby ledge and go into the cave behind.
  • Jump over the gap and go over to the nearby wide ledge.
  • Go forward, following the footpath over to the right.
  • This will lead you into the Quitter's Well.
  • As you enter into the first building section, you will encounter a number of Lurkers.
  • Defeat them and continue inwards to encounter a large squad of Scorned.
  • This will have more Lurkers, Raiders, and Stalkers.
  • Going around the corner toward the deeper section, the objective will update as you are assaulted by a number of Scorned.


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