The Ascendant Anchors found within the Shattered Realms during the Season of the Lost.

The Ascendant Anchors found within the Shattered Realms during the Season of the Lost.

The Loop[edit]

    • Abilities: True Sight
    • Location: The Staging Ground
  • Start at the first beacon, facing toward the portal, and the dreadnaught in the back.
  • Look to the left, where you can see a True Sight Anchor
  • Go over to the Anchor and invoke True Sight.
  • With that empowerment, look to the nearby short pillar.
  • Jump up onto the top of it to find the Awoken Cache.

Wrathful Maneuvers[edit]

  • This Cache is found on the Outer Islands, so getting there can take a moment.
  • Head to the Field of Promised Ruin, with the second beacon.
  • From the beacon, climb up the ledge there that is looking out toward the Outer Islands with the True Sight Anchor.
  • Activate True Sight and there are Ascendant Platforms that appear.
  • Jump along the Ascendant Platforms to reach the Outer Islands.
  • When you reach the island, it should be next to a True Sight Anchor.
  • Next to this anchor is the Awoken Cache: Wrathful Maneuvers.

Hive Movements[edit]

  • From the First Beacon, you will want to go over to the right.
  • There, you will see a glowing ritual circle on the ground nearby the Warbringer's Tower.
  • Defeat the 2 Wizards, 3-4 Acolytes, Revenant Knight
  • Just be careful of the Tomb Ship that's firing down on you while you are standing in the ritual circle.
  • Stand in the ritual circle until it flashes, opening the doors of the Warbringer's Tower.
  • Head on inside it and begin dropping your way down in the central circle with the spike.
  • Look for the Barrier Anchor and interact with it to gain Barrier Breach.
  • Head over to the left and through the barrier there.
  • Go into the open shaft with the spinning spiked pillars below you.
  • Drop down carefully to avoid the spiked pillars reaching the lower section with the first encounter with
  • There is a True Sight Anchor inside this same section with the spinning pillars above you.
  • Invoke True Sight and turn around to the right to find the Awoken Cache: Hive Movements.