The Quest Step, Basic Machine Gun Frame in Destiny 2:Black Armory.

Basic Machine Gun Frame is a quest step in Destiny 2: Black Armory.

Part of the Volunder Forge Quest.


"An uncalibrated weapon frame obtained from Ada-1. it's missing a charged weapon core."


  • Weapon Core Obtained
  • Compound Ether Collected


Obtaining a Weapon Core[edit]

  • The weapon core can be found either in the Gulch or the Outskirts of the EDZ.
  • The easiest to find is in the Gulch.
  • Arrive there while a Public Event is happening to ensure access to the cache itself.
  • You are looking for a shielded black box.
  • Run straight forward from where you land in the Gulch.
  • You will see the shielded black box in front of you before long.
  • Destroy the small drone that is orbiting.
  • This will allow you to approach the cache and open it to claim the weapon frame inside.

Obtain Compound Ether[edit]

  • Head to any location in the EDZ where you can find the Fallen.
  • Travel to the Trostland for example and start exploring the area.
  • Here, you will find easily a number of Fallen.
  • You can also head into any of the areas that have a Fallen Public Event.
  • Clear it to start the next step of the quest.

Quest Steps[edit]