Battered Gauntlet in Destiny 2.

Battered Gauntlet is an Artifact in Destiny 2.


This battered and frayed gauntlet offers no protection, but it seems to crackle in your hands. The sparks feel... familiar.

It's still crackling and frayed, but this gauntlet radiates greater power: charged momentum, unstoppable force, a fist raised against a sea of foes. You recognize this spark now: residual Arc Light.


  • Complete a Public Event or kill a High Value Target and be reward the Battered Gauntlet from the loot chest.
  • Go to your character screen and look at your subclass selection.
  • The requirements for rekindling the Battered Gauntlet are displayed.
  • You will need to complete 5 Public Events to unlock this subclass.
  • Killing lots of enemies also works very well here to restore power to the relic.
  • Once the relic is rekindled, you will be directed to the Shard of the Traveler.
  • When you arrive there, you will need to find the projections scattered throughout the Dark Forest.
  • You will also need to defeat numerous enemies found in the area.
  • Approach and interact with the Shard to complete the regain the Striker.
  • You will receive the Boundless Light buff from standing the pools of Light and be tasked with Defending the Shard.
  • Waves of enemies will rush the Shard and you will need to defend it.
  • Complete this to finish the Subclass Quest.

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