The Objective, “Berserker” in Destiny 2.

Berserker is an Objective in the Raid Scourge of the Past in Destiny 2.


Fight through the Kell's Scourge force and gain access to the sewers.

    • The fireteam needs to split into 2 parties. 1 is a pair at the map to fight the adds here and call out the locations. The remainder of the fireteam needs to split off as a group and take down the Berserkers.


  • Once enough Radiant Batteries have been deposited, you will trigger the Map's appearance.
  • Each of the Guardians will appear as a Yellow circle on this.
  • There are 5 flags on the maps, and 1 Red-Orange Marker on it.
  • Each of the Green Flags has a particular number of dots, this is showing you order in which a sequence needs to be completed.
  • The Red Icon on the map is the Berserker that needs to be found and killed.
  • Just like before, the fireteam members will need to get the Berserker to use their suppression field before they are able to harm them.
  • When they are killed, at least 2 Radiant Batteries will drop.
  • 1 person will be heading to the drop, the other will be going back to the map's location.
  • The person going to the middle will be able to travel solo, which the other going to the location, will need to the aid of their teammates.
  • At the location you are directed to by the Map Team, you will encounter a number of Fallen.
  • Among the the Fallen at this location are 2 Unhinged Servitors that will need to be destroyed before you can deposit the charge.
  • Destroy them and deposit the charge into the generator.