BitterPearl Shader can be found in the Vault of Glass.

The Bitterpearl Shader is a Shader that can be unlocked through the Vault of Glass


There are 12 hidden Collectible Shards scattered throughout the Vault. Each will need to be gathered to unlock the Shader.

Shard Locations[edit]

Shard 1 - Entrance[edit]

  • Either having completed the Spire encounter or just before, this is where you can find the first shard.
  • Start by going along the ground and finding the tunnel in the back left.
  • Go into this cave and stay along the straight path to the back of it.
  • In this back section, on the left-hand side, is the first shard collectible.

Shard 2 - Entrance[edit]

  • The second shard is found to the right of the entrance area.
  • Go past the stone wall from the Spire location and look for a tree against the right-hand wall.
  • Finding this tree, go to the far side of it.
  • Look at its roots to find the Collectible Shard.

Shard 3 - Trial of Kabr[edit]

  • Just after the fireteam enters the Trial of Kabr, before the path levels out with the ledge, is the place to start searching for the next shard.
  • Just before the second set of stonework, go into the small area there.
  • Look in the rocks to the left to find a shallow hidden passage.
  • Just head into the small alcove and look on the right-hand side for the shard.

Shard 4 - Trial of Kabr[edit]

  • Make your way to Secret Chest 2, using the hidden passage in the Trial of Kabr.
  • When you reach the secret chest, you are nearby the shard itself.
  • Go to the ledge on the front of the pillar (facing where you entered).
  • Look into the branches of the tree to find the shard.
  • To reach it, just do a running jump toward it to find a ledge just below it.

Shard 5 - Templar's Well[edit]

  • This shard is found on the normal path to the Templar's Well.
  • If you took the secret path, DO NOT DROP down into the Well itself.
  • Instead, you will want to climb back up and pass on through the large archway.
  • Go forward until you reach the first corner of this path.
  • Head to the side overlooking the Well itself, and look over the edge.
  • Below is a narrow ledge that any Guardian can drop down to.
  • Go around the corner to the left and look for the lowest part of this platform.
  • In the dirt, tucked away in the corner, is the Shard.

Shard 6 - Templar's Well[edit]

  • This Shard is found once the Fireteam has defeated the Templar.
  • With the boss defeated, a secret path will open on the left-hand side.
  • Just before the stairs leading toward the top of this side, where all the Vex were coming from, there is a small opening in the wall here.
  • Jump up into it.
  • In the first room of this secret path, turn to the right.
  • Jump up onto the ledge here and look to the far side of it, closer to the wall.
  • Here you will find the collectible.

Shard 7 - Templar's Well[edit]

  • Follow the Secret Path out of Templar's Well almost to its termination.
  • On the landing before the final ledge, look for the narrow opening in the back right part of it.
  • Go into this small cave and head to the end of it.
  • You will find a destroyed Vex archway here.
  • In the middle of it is the shard you are looking for

Shard 8 - The Gorgon's Labyrinth[edit]

  • This shard is found within the Gorgon's Labyrinth.
  • Remember to be careful moving throughout this maze since the Gorgons are sound-sensitive.
  • Just as you are entering the area, go over to the right-hand side.
  • Carefully go forward, looking toward the middle.
  • Go past the second pillar and start moving toward the third.
  • Look up toward the middle of the area and over to the right.
  • Toward the top of one of the pillars is the shard.

Shard 9 - The Gorgon's Labyrinth[edit]

  • This chest is found within the Gorgon's Labyrinth.
  • Remember to be careful moving throughout this maze since the Gorgons are sound-sensitive.
  • This makes this chest a bit challenging to get, so be warned.
  • Once in the open area at the start of the maze itself, it is time to start the access to this chest.
  • Look to the right just after you get past the rock in the middle of the shallow streams.
  • To the right of the slanted rock pillar, there is a floating Vex Obelisk.
  • Shoot it until it disappears.
  • After that, turn to the left and go into the darker path by going between the large rock and the smaller one to its left.
  • Walk close to the large rock on your right for now.
  • Go around to the far side of this rock, being very mindful of the Gorgons.
  • On the far side of the large rock, head directly across from it, toward the humped rock.
  • Reaching the humped rock, go over to the left, heading up the slope there.
  • Climb to the top of the rock and jump over to the ledge to the left.
  • From there, go over to the right, jumping to the next slanted rock.
  • Go to the middle of this rock.
  • On this rock, look to the wall to the left.
  • Under the ledge, about the chip in it, is the next Vex Obelisk to shoot.
  • Wait for the nearby Gorgon to move away then jump to the open top of the pillar to the right of the rock you are on.
  • Carefully drop from there down to the ground and move carefully along the right-hand side.
  • Just past the first large rock on the right, turn to the left, and look toward the base of the overhang.
  • Just under there is the shard.

Shard 10 - The Chasm[edit]

  • This shard is found within the Chasm, just as you are entering it, before going onto ANY of the Vex Platforms.
  • Go over to the left, jumping along the ledges here toward the edge.
  • Get to the end of this path CAREFULLY since it ends abruptly there and this little but the void for rushing forward.
  • At the end of the ledge, look down, where you will just be able to see a ledge below you.
  • Drop down to the ledge.
  • Once on it, just on forward into the open path leading into the wall.
  • Go into the small alcove it leads to so you can find the Shard.

Shard 11 - The Chasm[edit]

  • This path is found along the normal route along the Chasm.
  • Get to the far end of the wall you need to jump along to finish traversing the Chasm.
  • Along this path, there are a number of notches along the wall.
  • Before the corner, there is an outcropping you can drop to.
  • Continue forward to the next illuminated notch in the wall.
  • Go inside it.
  • Head to the back right and look on the floor to find the shard.

Shard 12 - The Chasm[edit]

  • This final shard is found outside the room of the final encounter.
  • Head up along the walkway toward the triangle doorway leading into the final room.
  • Stop on the stairs, where you will need to climb the walls.
  • Jump over to the wall on the right and find a ledge.
  • From there,