The Objective, “Black Armory Vault Cave” in Destiny 2.

Black Armory Vault Cave is an Objective in the Raid Scourge of the Past in Destiny 2.


Navigate the tunnels.


  • The tunnels are somewhat straight forward, with a few dead ends.
  • Head forward through the passage in front of you, going over to the left and climbing up the stone stairs in front of you.
  • Go through the stone archway in front of you.
  • From there, continue to the left and upwards.
  • Follow the passage over to the right.
  • Continue on forward and this will lead to a break in the wall.
  • At the end of the tunnel, you will reach Vault Ebisu.
  • Below you is an opening in the wall, jump down and through it.
  • The next passage is very straight forward, leading into the remains of an armory.
  • Go over to the right-hand side of the pillar and follow the passage in front of you to make it to the next area and encounter.