Born in Darkness, Part 2 in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

The Story Mission, Born in Darkness, Part 2 in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.


Empower Through Vex[edit]

"Pouring through Clovis's journal revealed to me just where his next decryption algorithm is hidden, and how to empower the Skeleton Key to access it. The answer lies in the Vex, and as always, Darkness - Exo Stranger

    • The Skeleton KEy once again requires energy to empower it. The Exo Stranger believes that energy from the radiolarian fluid inside Vex and the usage of Stasis abilities should help you do so.
  • Defeat Vex on Europa for their energy.
  • Get Stasis shatter final blows by shattering frozen vombatants and stasis crystals on Europa.
  • Collect 50 Energized radiolarian fluid (Defeating Vex)
  • Defeat 15 Combatants with Shatter Damage
  • All this needs to be done on Europa.
  • It can be easily done through patrolling, but going in through Strikes, Empire Hunts, or Seasonal Activities will work as well.

Playlist Activities[edit]

"This is a bit unusual, I Know - but the Skeleton Key is not yet fully empowered, and we have an opportunity here to test our Stasis skills on ourselves. If you feel comfortable with that, of course. If not, continue to power it through our enemies. It never hurts to thin their ranks. - Exo Stranger

    • The Exo Stranger wants you to further empower the Skeleton Key so you can decrypt more of Clovis's journal. Do so by using Stasis to defeat combatants or other Guardians. Playlist activities such as Crucible or Vanguard operations should give you that opportunity.
  • Playlist Activities Completed: 2
  • Opponents Defeated with Stasis: 40
  • Using Stasis abilities to defeat Guardians will grant additional progress.

House of Salvation Platoon[edit]

"The skeleton key's nearly brimming with energy. One more boost should do the trick." - Exo Stranger

    • The Skeleton Key is almost ready. The Stranger believes one more boost of energy from combatants near a Crux should do it.
  • Defeat the House Salvation Fallen Platoon near the Crux of Darkness in Riis-Reborn Approach.
  • Head off to Europa and make your way to Riis-Reborn Approach via the Eventide Ruins.
  • Make your way through the elevator, a few buildings and a few teleports until you find the Crux.
  • Clear out the Fallen around its base.

Perdition Lost Sector[edit]

"Now that the Skeleton KEy's empowered once again, bring it to me and let's untangle more of Clovis's secrets." - Exo Stranger

    • The Skeleton Key is fully empowered. It's time to rendezvous with the Exo Stranger and further decrypt Clovis's journal.
  • Travel to Europa and make your way to Cadmus Ridge.
  • There, you will easily be able to access the Perdition Lost Sector.
  • Complete the Lost Sector, but do not leave it just yet.
  • Backtrack to the top of the stairs before the boss chamber and head into the newly opened door to the left (from the chest, to the right if you're coming up the stairs).
  • Inside this hidden chamber, go to the back right to find where the Exo Stranger wants you to use the Skeleton Key next.
  • She will also reveal more of what transpired in the Dark Timeline.

Regroup with the Exo Stranger[edit]

"Digging further into Clovis's journal is really paying off. Or should I say, Clovis's Golden Age experiments with Stasis are finally paying off. At least they're doing so for us, and not for him. Come to me at the campsite and our findings are yours to keep." - Exo Stranger

    • Thanks to the new data recovered, the Exo Stranger has another Stasis-related gift for you.
  • Return to Beyond.
  • Approach and talk with the Exo Stranger
  • This will get you your reward and start the next quest.


Next Quest[edit]