Born in Darkness Part 4 in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Born in Darkness Part 4 is a Story Mission in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.



  • Just make your way back to the Beyond.
  • Talk with the Exo Stranger to hear about alternate timelines and get this quest.

Defeat Opponents[edit]

"With our journal decrypted, we know where the final bit of Stasis resaerch is. Like I said, with the man himself. But before we reach the AI, the key will need to be empowered one last time. The journal implies the key should unlock something within the AI, and that we'll find what we're looking for in doing so. Start by using Stasis to empower the Skeleton Key with Darkness. We'll go from there." - Exo Stranger.

    • You're ready to empower the Skeleton for for the last time, but this time, with as much Darkness energy as possible. The Exo Stranger implores you once again to take this opportunity to embrace Stasis to do so, claiming it to be the best way to empower the key.
  • Defeat combatants on Europa using Stasis abilities.
  • Head to any of the combat zones, possibly a Lost Sector and favor using your abilities or Stasis Elemental weapons.


"Seems like we'll need more Darkness energy than usual to empower the key this time. So we'll take Stasis to some of our more powerful enemies. You've got this" - Exo Stranger.

    • The Exo Stranger shares that you'll need an immense amount if Darkness energy to empower the Skeleton Key this time. She asks that you take on powerful Combatants to do so.
  • Complete Nightfall Strikes with your Stasis subclass equipped.
  • Use Stasis abilities against combatants in Nightfall
    • Nightfall strikes with Stasis Equipped: 2
    • Combatants affected by Stasis.

Creation Crux of Darkness[edit]

"One final burst of energy, and we'll have what we need to face the Clovis AI together. There's a Fallen Captain that's been making its way towards him. Taking it down should be all you need" - Exo Stranger.

    • The Skeleton is almost ready. The Stranger believes one more boost of energy from combatants near a Crux should do it.
  • Travel back to Europa and make your way into Creation through Cadmus Ridge and passing through Bray Exoscience.
  • Go through the door on the right once inside Exoscience and head through the corridors.

Visit the Exo Stranger[edit]

"This is it. Communing with the Clovis AI should lead us to his final Stasis research... though I am hardly looking forward to speaking to him again." "I don't just have a history with the man himself. The AI and I had troubles of own long ago. In fact, it was I who shut him down in the first place. I doubt he'll be happy to see me again - Exo Stranger.

    • The Skeleton Key is fully empowered. It's time to rendezvous with the Exo Stranger.
  • Continue down into the depths of the Clovis Bray facility.
  • Approach the large Exo head and listen to what Ana, Elise, and Clovis talk with.

Regroup with the Exo Stranger[edit]

"If I never have to speak to that bastard again, it'll be too soon. At least we got what we came for. As usual, it's potent Stasis energy, but it needs to be harnessed. Come find me at the campsite and it's yours" - Exo Stranger.

    • Thanks to the new data recovered, the Exo Stranger now has potent Stasis energy for you.
  • Return to the Beyond and talk with Exo Stranger once again.
  • Time to start unlocking