The Objective, “Break Thumos, the Unbroken” in Destiny 2.

Break Thumos, the Unbroken is an Objective in the Story/Strike/Raid/Adventure Unbroken in Destiny 2.



  • Thumos, the Unbroken will rise up from the floor on top of the dais.
  • Thumos is accompanied by a Blood Guard Bulwark and Blood Guard Close Protection.
  • Thumos will immediately take to the air and start attacking from this vantage point while his aides rush and assault you as well.
  • Defeating his guards will have Thumos land, extend out his blade and rush the Guardian.
  • He can be stunned with enough damage, staggering him, giving a great opening for heavy damage.
  • When enough damage is dealt to him, Thumos will launch back up after a number of Cabal have dropped into the room.
  • In addition to Thumos, you will be fighting Legionaries, Psions, and Gladiators.
  • Press in and attack Thumos after you manage the additional Cabal.
  • Defeat Thumos to get his key codes.


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