The Objective, “Break the barrier” in Destiny 2.

Break the barrier is an Objective in the Adventure Chances and Choices in Destiny 2.


Destroy the barricade servitor to continue.


  • Go forward through the open doorway ahead of you and down the corridor and to the next balcony.
  • 3 Shanks will drop from beyond the balcony into the area below.
  • 2 Barricade Servitors will appear in this area.
  • This will open into another room with a barrier, but this is the final one.
  • In this final room, you will encounter Selkis, the Obstructor.
  • Selkis will move first to the back portion of the room.
  • While it is there, a number of Exploder Shanks will drop from the ceiling.
  • Destroying those will have more Shanks come into the room.
  • Selkis will jump toward where you entered the room after that.
  • Follow it as it moves around the room and destroy it.


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