The Objective, “Break the barrier” in Destiny 2.

Break the barrier is an Objective in the Raid LairThe World Eater in Destiny 2.


Break the barrier.


  • This leads into a massive area with a large number of Vex scattered around the area.
  • This is a massive triangle of an arena.
  • Each of the sides has its own elemental affinity and you will need to use all of them during this phase and the boss phase that is pending.

  • You will need to trigger this encounter by having people standing in the triangle markers.
  • The fireteam needs to be split into pairs, 2 people for each area (Arc, Void, and Solar).
  • Each team will need to travel their area to find the Vex Craniums and collect them.
  • With the Cranium in hand, go to the Elemental Triangle (oven) and place the cranium in there.
  • Another Cranium will appear nearby, so you can repeat this process 2 more times.
  • Each of the Elemental Triangles can have 3 Vex Craniums in them.
  • However, within each phase of this encounter, only 6 craniums will spawn.
  • It is best to split them evenly between the 3 elements, 2 to each.
  • The Craniums will charge up and become cannons of their respective types.
  • The location does not need to be defended while the Vex Cranium charges.
  • They will be facing Quantum Minotaurs, Goblins, and Fanatics that will be moving in toward them.

  • With the charged Cannon, the fireteam will need to find the Elemental Crystals that have spawned along the walls of the central structure.
  • Using the appropriate element (look at the color), fire the Charged Vex Cranium at the crystal to destroy it.
  • Eventually, there will be a side that has 3 crystals on one side.
  • The pair on that side needs to call out the elements so those with the appropriate Craniums can rush over there and destroy them.
  • This process needs to be repeated until all the walls around the boss have been destroyed.


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