The Objective, “Bring Sagira to Brother Vance” in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.

Bring Sagira to Brother Vance is an Objective in the Story The Gateway in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris.


Destroy the intelligence module blocking the entrance to the Lighthouse.

Enter the Lighthouse.


  • Rebuffed by the entrance of the Infinite Forest, when you turn around, a large number of Vex are dropping down from their portals.
  • These are different in appearance, being Descendants, vex not seen since the Vault of Glass.
  • This area has a respawn restriction, so you must survive the entire encounter to move forward.
  • You will encounter Descendant Goblins and Fanatics.
  • Before you get to the circular wall, you will encounter Tyranos, Gatekeeper.
  • Going to either side of the circular wall you will encounter Descendant Harpies and more Goblins.

  • When you reach the far side of the circular wall, you will the entrance to the Lighthouse is being blocked by a Vex device of some kind.
  • You will want to fight your way through the Vex that will be appearing this area to render the Intelligence Cube vulnerable.
  • You will encounter Descendant Goblins, Hobgoblins and Descendant Fanatics in the initial wave.
  • The second wave will have a lot of Descendant Harpies with a few Goblins as well.
  • The final wave begins with the appearance of Methodios, Module Proxy.
  • Methodios will bring yet more Descendant Goblins with it.
  • When reduced to half health, it will teleport away, bringing in a group of Vex that you will need to fight.
  • Methodios appears on the slopes of the path between the Lighthouse and the circular structure.
  • Continue to damage it to make it teleport ahead of you, onto the pathway itself.
  • More Vex will appear when it takes more damage on this straight pathway.
  • Fight through the Vex and continue to hunt Methodios.
  • It will teleport to the front entrance of the Lighthouse.
  • Destroy it and the remaining Vex to break the shield around the device blocking your way forward.

  • With the barrier down, go into the newly accessible Vex Gate.
  • This will bring you into the Lighthouse itself.
  • Approach Brother Vance to complete the mission.


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