The Objective, “Bypass Fallen Security” in Destiny 2.

Bypass Fallen Security is an Objective in the Adventure Differential Diagnosis in Destiny 2.


Fight off Fallen assault patrols while Ghost tries to bypass the teleporter's security system.


  • While Ghost is hacking through the Fallen security, you will need to defend him.
  • The first wave will have you fighting Dregs and Shanks.
  • Getting through most of them will have more Dregs and a Wretch come up the slope after you.
  • Clearing most of them will have more Dregs, Marauders, and Wretchs come after you.

  • Fight through them to get the second wave to come in from a Skiff.
  • This first portion of it will have a number of Shanks dropping down.
  • Among them you will see Dematerialization Security.
  • Clear out the remaining Fallen, fighting through the Wretches, Dregs and Shanks.
  • Get through this to complete this objective.


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