The Public Event, “Cabal Injection Rig” in Destiny 2.

Cabal Injection Rig is a in the Public Event in Destiny 2.


Draw down the Infiltrator Valus.


  • To complete this Public event, you need to kill all the Cabal around the Injection Rig.
  • Watch out for the vents opening, they are the trigger for the Heroic version, but also flood with area around the rig with damaging heat.
  • Clear out the Cabal to complete the Public Event.
  • Around the rig, you will encounter Gladiators, Legionaries, Honored Legionaries, Incendior and Honored Incendior,.

Walkthrough - Trigger Heroic[edit]

  • Around the Injection Rig, there are Infiltrator Psions.
  • Each time one is killed, a vent will open on the rig.
  • Shoot into this vent to destroy it.
  • While the Vents are open, the entire dome will start to Burn Guardians inside it.
  • There are a total of 9 vents on the drill.
  • There are 3 along the top of the Drill. These are large and very easy to see
  • 3 between the legs of the drill on the sides.
  • The final 3 are long the bottom support, underneath the drill itself. These are the hardest to notice and only 1 will open at a time.
  • This will draw out the final Infiltrator Valus.
  • Defeat them to complete the event.


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