The Objective, “Defeat Calus” in Destiny 2.

Defeat Calus is an Objective in the Raid Leviathan in Destiny 2.



  • The team will once again need to break into trios, 3 of which will be returning to the Throne while others will be calling out symbols, the Mind's Eye team.
  • Those on the Mind's Eye team will want auto rifles and any Titans will want to have the Rally Barricade selected.
  • Decide on who is doing what NOW, before beginning the encounter.
  • Also, determine the plate order for Damage phase.
  • Recommended plate order is: close right (Sun), back right (War Beast), back left (Battle Axes), and close left (Chalice).
  • You trigger the encounter either by shooting the cup in Emperor Calus's hand or by standing by him.

  • Numerous enemies will spawn into the Throne. To advance phases, the fireteam needs to kill all of the enemies with Yellow healthbars.
  • These enemies will include, Legionaries, Psions, and Imperial Incendior.
  • Emperor Calus will be firing on the team at this point using his circlet with a Solar Beam.
  • Killing all these foes will cause 4 Loyalty Councilor to appear on the platforms with the Symbols on them.
  • These Psions will appear with the Symbols above them as well.
  • These Psions do not, apparently, have to be killed, but they will always drop Power ammo.
  • Calus will clap twice and teleport the fireteam somewhere.
  • Those in the Throne Team need to immediately charge forward to the orbs beyond the knee-high barrier.
  • Grabbing these orbs will bring the Guardian back to the Throne room.
  • Those on the Mind's Eye team will need to remain here and approach the first barrier.

Mind's Eye Team[edit]

  • Those remaining in this dimensional space will receive the buff, Mind's Eye.
  • Those who remain in this dimension, once Calus's projection starts sucking, a symbol will appear on his forehead.
  • Each fireteam member here will see a different Symbol, call it out which symbol you see.
  • As you are being pulled forward, watch out for Ramp or pits.
  • Hitting a ramp or falling in a pit will kill the Guardian in question because they will either plummet to their doom or into Calus's mouth.
  • Kill any Psions immediately, their Psionic Wave attack will launch the Guardian into the air and into the waiting maw of Emperor Calus
  • After the symbols appear, 2 Psion Projections will appear beyond the short barrier wall. Kill them after you deal with the other Psions.
  • If these Psion Projections are not killed in time, they will explode and kill the entire Fireteam.
  • The First Barrier will have 2 Psion Projections appear that the Mind's Eye team will need to quickly defeat.
  • Second Barrier will have Loyalist Psions appear.
  • Third Barrier is the last one symbols displayed.
  • Once the Psions have been defeated, Calus will laugh and then vomit out a lot of skulls at the Team.
  • If anyone is a Titan, immediately drop a Rally Barricade for quick reloads.
  • Destroying these skulls will grant a stack of the Force of Will buff.
  • It is possible to get around 60 stacks of Force of Will.
  • The more you can gain, the better because it increases your damage against Calus.
  • Calus will eventually stop with the skulls.
  • More orbs will appear now. Those on the Mind's Eye Team need to jump into these to be brought back to the Throne.

Throne Team[edit]

  • Once teleported back into the Throne, start dealing with the adds, save for the Loyalty Councilors that appear on the platforms.
  • Listen for the Mind's Eye team to call out what symbols they see.
  • Kill the Loyalty Councilor whose symbol is NOT called.
  • Ex. If Sun, War Beast and Axes are called, kill the Councilor who has Chalice above them.
  • Hitting the right Psion will cause the next barrier wall to appear.
  • Hitting the wrong Psion will cause the barrier wall for the Mind's Eye team to instantly disappear, bringing them that much closer to death.
  • If someone dies on the Mind's Eye team, they can respawn in the Throne, but it does mean you will not see one of the symbols.
  • Once the Mind's Eye team reaches the last barrier, Emperor Calus will start to build a mass of energy above his head between his hands.
  • The Throne Team needs to break his shield and stun him to stop him from killing the Fireteam.

Damage Phase[edit]

  • Those in the Throne room need to rush to the front right plate, as soon as someone from the Mind's Eye team arrives, begin attacking.
  • Everyone should see Force of Will displayed.
  • Watch Emperor Calus while the fireteam is damaging him.
  • He will raise his hand and snap is fingers.
  • When any member sees the flames from his snap, call it out.
  • The fireteam then needs to rush to their next platform.
  • This is the time to scatter before a large fiery blast consumes that plate.
  • That plate cannot be used again this damage phase.
  • Cycle through all 4 platforms to complete the damage phase.

Second Phase Calus[edit]

  • When his chest explodes, begin attacking the red tubes in the middle of his chest to do critical damage.
  • This will also change how he is attacking.
  • Instead of using his circlet, he will now attack using a laser mounted on his arm.
  • Nothing will change for the Mind's Eye Team or Throne Team in this part of the raid.
  • When it comes to damage phase, he will now aim his laser at you, firing off a solar blast.
  • Get clear when you see Calus aim for the platform you are on.

Third Phase Calus[edit]

  • A few changes from second and first, but important ones.
  • Those on Throne Team will begin to deal with Imperial Colossus in the Throne.
  • If anyone seems a solar build-up nearby them on the Throne Team, run.
  • Calus is now using a massive solar burst from his hand.

Last Stand[edit]

  • When you get him down to hits from death, he will raise his hands above his head and draw in a massive amount of solar energy.
  • The fireteam needs to loose everything they have at this point on Emperor Calus.
  • If the fireteam cannot inflict enough damage in time, they will die.


  • Fireteam members will get the Imperial Invitation and Emperor Calus Tokens.
  • The middle of the Throne will open up, allowing the team to drop into a pit.
  • Head down the corridor that is found in the bottom of the pit.
  • Go along the walkway, past all the robotic Emperor Calus.
  • Go to the end of the walkway to claim the final chest.

Prestige Mode[edit]

  • This fight only has 1 change to it, making the flow of events far more chaotic.
  • Calus has more health overall
  • The person who kills the needed Psion while the team is in the Shadow Realm will be swapped with one of the Guardians in the Shadow Realm.

Challenge Mode[edit]

  • This is done during a damage phase.
  • Everyone needs to jump onto the all 4 symbol plates at the same time.
  • After the plates have been activated, the group can reconverge onto a single plate, but you lose time doing that.