Calus Bobbleheads during Season of the Haunted.


These are potentially rotating collectibles that can be found through the Derelict Leviathan and other Season of the Haunted activities.


  • These Bobbleheads can be set up nearby the Crown of Sorrow within HELM.
  • Go into the chamber with the Crown.
  • There is an area off to the left of the Crown that you can set-up the Bobbleheads.



  • Completing the Containment lifts locks around the Castellum for a limited time.
    • There is a CHANCE for this door to open, it could take multiple attempts for it to trigger.
  • Once you've cleared the activity, head for the small pavilion to the left of the Sun Door (facing it).
  • Go into this small area and over to the lever to the right of the door.
  • Open the door and head into the newly revealed chamber.
  • Claim the chest nearby to the left.
  • To the right you can find the Calus Bobblehead.

Pleasure Gardens[edit]

  • Make your way to the Pleasure Gardens using the doorway in the center of the Derelict Castellum.
  • Once there, just head straight across from the entrance to the large statue above, what was, the safe roof.
  • Get to the statue on this rooftop.
  • Go behind the statue to find the Bobblehead.

Royal Pools[edit]

  • Once you enter the Royal Pools, head to the back right, where you can vaguely see a strange Darkness growth.
  • Walk over onto it and against the wall to find it is "concealing" a hole in the floor.
  • Drop down into the tunnel, go forward then follow the tunnel over to the left.
  • Get to the chamber at the end of this short tunnel and go over to the right-hand corner of the side you entered.
  • This reveals a short maintenance tunnel.
  • Go into the tunnel and head to the back of it.
  • At the end, look over to the left and into the corner.
  • Look in this corner to find the Bobblehead.

Sever - Shame[edit]

  • Complete Sever - Shame until you are in the part of activating the Manual Override (with the large Bather Nightmare).
  • Proceed along normally until you are at the final Override, needing to use the Wrench to complete it, deactivating the Electrical Barrier.
  • After deactivating the Electrical Barrier, go across the gap and over to the final manual override.
  • Activate the Override, but do not jump back just yet.
  • Lookup for a platform above you, and get up to it.
  • You will find the Bobblehead here on the top platform.

Video Walkthroughs[edit]

Week 1 - Castellum 1, Royal Pools, Pleasure Gardens, Sever - Shame Bobblehead Video Walkthrough