The Quest Step, Candy from a baby in Destiny 2:Season of Opulence.

Candy from a baby is part of Truth in Destiny 2: Season of Opulence.


"You've successfully decoded and reassembled the map, revealing additional instructions clearly intended for someone else. However, that someone else is apparently Fallen, and in your mind, that makes this whole thing fair game. That Rocket Launcher is so close you can almost taste it. Metal... soot... finders-keepers-style thievery... Delicious."

"Complete the Warden of Nothing strike while Ascendant, and find the final hidden Ascendant chest."

"well done, best beloved. one final trial awaits you. seek out the relics, as i have shown you. there are seven, all told, and all well-hidden. the more you find, the easier your final climb will be."

"you deserve this. we will be reunited soon. be well. grow huge."


Ascendant Relics[edit]

  • Launch into the Warden of Nothing strike from the directory for the Tangled Shore.
  • There are a total of 7 relics throughout the Strike, but only so many need to be found
  • Once enough are found, the rest of the relics will be found.
  • One of the first relics can be found at the first door into the Prison, as you are going through Airlock Six.
  • On the platform where you see the Minotaur, look on top of the crates to the left.
  • There you will find the first relic to trigger an Ascendant Platform.
  • After that, go into the room with the terminal you need to hack.
  • Hack it and let the train move.
  • In the second train corridor, with the Pikes are, go to the second section of pikes.
  • Look in the back left corner to find the Second Ascendant Relic.
  • Collect it and then start going along the second train corridor.
  • Drop down into the hole and move into the third train corridor where you will need to carefully enter the center section.
  • Look to the left-hand side where you see an opening below the train rail.
  • Drop into this small corridor and turn to the right.
  • Look for the Pike, (or its empty space), and on the ground on the left-hand side.
  • You will find the Ascendant Relic to interact with.
  • Now, make your way to the end of this room and run up the ramp and into the first corridor with the large pipes, slowing at the top of the ramp.
  • On the right-hand side, jump onto the yellow pipes on that side to find the next Ascendant Relic.
  • When enough of the Ascendant Relics have been found, a note of All Ascendant Platforms have appeared will appear in the bottom-left of the screen.

Reaching the Ascendant Chest[edit]

  • Use a Tincture of Queensfoil when you reach the chest that is trapped.
  • Defeat the Mad Warden to clear the strike itself.
  • Wait for the chest to appear at the end of the strike, then go to the break in the back of the arena, where you can see the protected platform.
  • Just after that the ascendant platforms will appear off the back of the arena.
  • Jump out onto the platform and head to the end of it, turning to the right.
  • Jump over to the next few platforms and follow it to the end of the path where you will find the chest at the end of the sequence.

Quest Steps[edit]