Cat Statues in Forsaken.

Cat Statues are a "merchant" found throughout the Dreaming City.

Cat Locations[edit]

Spine of Keres - 2 Cat[edit]

Observatory Cat[edit]

  • In the Spine of Keres, make your way to the Observatory and enter into it.
  • Use the Oracle Machine to quickly climb up to the high balconies.
  • Jump onto the machine, onto the first rotating platform and onto the second balcony.
  • Turn to the left and start across the room again, using the machine to reach the next balcony.
  • Continue along the island the chamber with the Oracle Machine to this wide balcony with the window across from it.
  • Go into the hallway and turn over to the right.
  • In this hallway and turn to the right, going toward the next window with a globe by it.
  • Sitting in front of the globe, by the window, is a Cat Statue.

Spine of Keres Ledge Cat[edit]

  • From in front of the Oracle Tower, turn to the South, going through the opening in the wall there.
  • Go across the bridge here and go up the stairs to the right of it.
  • Turn left and continue up the stairs there.
  • Continue forward and go across the bridge in front of you.
  • Head up the nearby stairs, going to the across the next bridge.
  • This puts the Guardian inside a partial geode.
  • Look for a divot along the rim of the stone and jump over to it.
  • Drop onto the ledge behind the geode wall and look along the ledge to find the cat (left).

Divalian Mists - 1 Cat[edit]

  • Start on the Northern end of the Divalian Mists,
  • Look along the edge of the ledge, finding the next ledge below you.
  • Drop from this one down to the next ledge below you.
  • This will lead you to find a small cave in front of you.
  • Go deeper into the cave, jumping over the rise in the rock.
  • This will lead you back to a lit portion of the cave.
  • Just to the right of the lamp, nearby the rock at the edge of the gem.
  • The Cat statue sits there.

Gardens of Esila - Cat 1[edit]

  • In the Southeastern corner of the Gardens of Esila, you are at the base of the stairs.
  • Go on up the stairs and over to the nearby archway.
  • There are stones to the South.
  • Climb up onto the top of the stone.
  • Sitting in the shade on top of the stone is the Cat Statue.

The Strand - 1 Cat[edit]

  • Go to the Southern area of the Strand, nearby the crossover point to the Gardens of Esila.
  • On this terrace, look to the Eastern wall, where the trees are growing.
  • Climb up onto third ledge using the nearby rock (or the other ledges.
  • Go around the corner.
  • Look at the base of the tree on this ledge to find the cat.

Rheasilvia - 1 Cat[edit]

  • Go to the passage between Rheasilvia and Divalian Mists.
  • Keep to the Northern side of the passage.
  • Stay on the ledges on the Northern side, going along the next few ledges.
  • Go onto the rock outcropping and turn to the left.
  • Jump over to the rock to the left.
  • Jump up to the ledge above you on the left.
  • From there, jump across the gap to the far side onto the ledge.
  • Head over to the left, jump along the ledges, continuing upwards.
  • Continue to the top and find the crystal pillar.
  • In front of the pillar you can find the Cat statue.

The Confluence - Cat[edit]

  • Inside the Confluence, find the star lit chamber with the tree that has bar lights on it.
  • Go to the bend in the tree.
  • Jump onto the tree and look toward the top of the tree to find the cat statue.

The Confluence - Cat[edit]

  • Go to the Northern edge of the Confluence.
  • Turn to the left, Southeast, and head toward the building there.
  • Jump onto the rocks to the left of the building and use it to climb up onto the rooftop.
  • Move along the edge of the rooftop ledge.
  • Follow this around the building, past 2 pillars
  • Jump over the rise along the rooftop.
  • This leads a flat portion where you will find the Cat Statue.

Rheasilva - Cat[edit]

  • Go along the Northwestern ledge to the marked location.
  • Step over the ledge at the shown point.
  • Drop down one and step onto the branch below you.
  • Sitting on that branch is the Cat Statue.

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