Chalice of Opulence in Season of Opulence.

The Chalice, once repaired, given by Calus.


Imperials are the new "currency" that allow a Guardian to upgrade and improve the chalice itself. By investing

Getting Imperials[edit]

Imperials are earned by completing the Menagerie Triumphs and by buying Tithes on the Barge with Werner 99-40 to open the Weekly chests.

The Runes[edit]

Used in particular combinations, can unlocks specific pieces of gear

The Upgrades[edit]

There are 9 upgrades available on the Chalice of Opulence. Each will allow for more customization of the drops from the Menagerie itself.

  • Each upgrade requires a certain amount of Imperials

Power and Efficiency[edit]

Rune Compatibility[edit]

Rune Bonus[edit]