The Quest Step, Charge the forge in Destiny 2:Black Armory.

Charge the forge is a Izanami Forge Ignition in Destiny 2: Black Armory.


  • You start with 60 seconds for this section of the forge charge.
  • You will want to start with finding and destroying any of the Phased Vex.
  • You want to watch for: Phased Goblins, Phased Minotaurs.
  • All the while, you will be assaulted by Harpies, Goblins, Fanatics Minotaurs and Hobgoblins.
  • Killing the Phased Vex will increase your remaining time and they will drop a Radiant Battery which needs to be thrown at the Forge itself to charge it up.
  • This round will end when 20 charges are put into the Forge or time runs out.

Forge Ignition[edit]