The Objective, “Chest Locations” in Destiny 2.

Chest Locations is an Objective in the Quest The Whisper in Destiny 2.


The Hidden Chests within The Whisper.


These can be obtained solo easily.

Chest 1[edit]

  • Found just above the first red lit section.
  • Instead of running and jumping down, stop at the ledge and a little to the left.
  • You will see a faint blue light emanating from the right-hand wall.
  • Jump over to it to find a hidden passage.
  • The first chest will be directly in front of you.

Chest 2[edit]

  • Continue through the red-lit section as normal.
  • Reach the room with the Openings in the wall, swirling Taken energy at the mouth of each.
  • Jump over to the left-hand side and make your way to the back left section.
  • Go through the opening and you will be dropped into the small room with the Chest inside it.

Chest 3[edit]

  • Turn to the right and exit this room through the lit passage there.
  • Make your way into the Moss Room (Green Room) using the passage and walkways in front of you.
  • Inside the Moss room, move over toward the left-hand side.
  • There is an opening in the wall that you can slip into there.
  • Go to the back portion of it and over to the left.
  • You can see a narrow opening as you get inside here.
  • Slide into that opening.
  • Look to the left inside this room to find the next chest.

Chest 4[edit]

  • Return to the main chamber of the Moss Room.
  • You will now need to make your way up and around the room using the narrow ledges that cover the walls.
  • Once in the main chamber, look up to the left to spot the first ledge.
  • Go to the end of the ledge and look upwards.
  • You will see a small ledge just above you, jump upwards to it.
  • Look to the wall and jump upward to find the next ledge.
  • Turn to the right and jump upwards again to reach the next ledge.
  • Go over to the right onto the ledge, hugging the wall to your left.
  • Jump from the ledge over to the moss covered one ahead you.
  • Jump out, going forward and move back to the left-hand wall to reach the next ledge in this puzzle.
  • Go to the end of it and then look upwards.
  • Jump up from there to the next ledge above you.
  • Turn to the right, toward the back, and jump across the gap to the small ledge above you.
  • Jump up again onto the next ledge.
  • From there, you have a long jump to reach a narrow green ledge on the back wall.
  • Continue forward, hugging the left-hand wall.
  • Use the ledges to get across to the far side of the room.
  • Once there, continue along the narrow ledges you see, keeping the wall on your left-hand side.
  • When the ledge ends about the middle of the room, jump up and move over to the left to reach the next ledge.
  • Go to the end of the ledge and high jump up to the next one above you.
  • Run and jump to the next left, in the top corner.
  • Turn to the right and look toward the entrance.
  • Well above it you will see another ledge you can jump out to.
  • Get onto that ledge.
  • Inch up to the corner of this ledge, looking to the gap in the wall downward.
  • You will see a narrow green ledge below you that you will want to jump to.
  • Drop down onto this ledge.
  • Once on this ledge, duck and look toward the wall to find a hidden room.
  • Go forward to reach the next chest in front of you.

Chest 5[edit]

  • Go past the previous chest and drop down into the opening behind it, dropping down into the next section of the area.
  • This will lead you into the room with the narrow ledge going around the circular portion to the left.
  • Do not go to the left, instead, look to the right.
  • You will see a lit portion in the wall, showing a passage you can reach.
  • Once through, look down to the left to see the passage in front of you.
  • Make the jump to the ledges below you.
  • Climb up them to the jutting ledge above you.
  • Go to the edge of that ledge.
  • From there, jump toward the large pillar with the Vex gate on top.
  • Land where you can (and survive) on it and make your way to the top.
  • Look behind the portal and into the vastness beyond.
  • You will see a small platform in the distance that you will need to jump to and land on.
  • Turn to the right to see the next section to jump toward.
  • Jump over there and go through passage there.
  • Look over to the right to spot the next chest.


The Whisper Secrets[edit]