Cimmerian Garrison in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

The Cimmerian Garrison is an Ascendant Challenge within the Dreaming City.



    • Throughout this Ascendant Challenge, you will get the notice, "The Knights close in..."
    • This will bring in 3 Abyssal Champions,.
  • Once through the entrance into the Ascendant Plane, you will be in the Cimmerian Garrison.
  • Just inside this Ascendant Realm, you will see a number of Abyssal Champions.
  • Head along the walkway in front of you, toward the Mote of Toland.
  • Along the path, you will encounter a number of Shadow Thralls, and on a raised area beyond them, 4 Taken Hobgoblins.
  • Cross over to the platform with the Hobgoblins.
  • From there, look around the area to find another pair of Taken Hobgoblins.
  • Head over to the right and then turn to the left, going along the walkway.
  • Go to the left at the end of the walkway and defeat the Ravenous Taken Thrall.
  • Continue to the right and head on along the next walkway.
  • Toward the end of it you can see more Taken Hobgoblins.
  • Be on guard for more Taken Blasts along the path.
  • There are 2 more Ravenous Taken Thralls.
  • There is a Shrieker in this area as well.
  • Head along the path forward toward the raised section the Taken Hobgoblins and Shrieker were on.
  • Stay in cover because there are more Ravenous Taken Thrall, Hobgoblins, and a Shrieker.
  • Follow the path as it turns to the right.
  • The path will wind forward, with more Burst threatening to launch your Guardian into the abyss.
  • Looking to the left, farther along the path, you will see 4 Taken Phalanx.
  • Just on the far side of the 2 circular platforms where the Phalanx are/were, you will encounter 3 more Abyssal Champion.
  • Defeat them and continue forward.
  • Go on up either set of stairs and then start over to the right, going up the large spiral staircase.
  • As you start up the stairs, be mindful of a number of Acolyte's Eyes.
  • There are a few more Taken Bursts around there area.
  • Just past the wall on the right is another portal from which a number of Shadow Thrall will be emerging from.
  • This will lead to a landing with a number of Taken Bursts.
  • As you get close to the far side, you will likely get the notice, "The Knights close in."
  • 3 more Abyssal Champions will appear on this landing.
  • Defeat them and then continue forward up the stairs.
  • Fight the Champions carefully on the stairs, moving up and down them as needed to keep distance between you and them to survive.
  • At the top of the stairs, you will see the mote of Toland.
  • Turn to the left, following it deeper along the path.
  • Make the long jump onto the slowly turning stone.
  • Jump out to the second floating stone.
  • As you land, 2 more Acolyte's Eyes will appear and start shooting at you.
  • Quickly defeat them.
  • Go forward to the next floating rock.
  • Turn to the right and jump to the next rock.
  • Turn to the left, jumping to the next two rocks, to reach the one with a floating lantern.
  • Look to right to see the next rock to jump toward.
  • Be wary of another pair of Acolyte's Eyes
  • Destroy them and continue along the rocks to reach the final platform.
  • When you land, you will need to deal with a Taken Phalanx.
  • You will then encounter Drachna, Favored of Incaru.
  • They will start alone, but after you do about 50% of their health, a Shrieker and a few Shadow Thrall will appear to join in the fight.
  • To complete this challenge, all you will need to do is kill Drachna, Favored of Incaru.

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